Working 16 Hour Days? Save Time and Money by Outsourcing!

If you are a business owner like me you will know good help is hard to find. In these turbulent economic times finding good staff at a reasonable price can be very challenging. Some colleagues say impossible. However, the use of business process outsourcing (BPO) staff can be used at a fraction of the cost. This could be your path to having all those low level tasks you have been meaning to get done but never have the time. The reality is there are not enough hours in the day. But now BPO staff can do the job extremely well and is relatively inexpensive.

This article talks about outsourcing jobs mostly off-site, but you can also “outsource” jobs to freelance or temporary agencies whereby the temporary employee shows up on your site; the outsourcing saves you money, though, because you generally pay little to no benefits and a lower rate of pay than you would an employee you hire through your business. BPO staff offshore saves money by the wage rate as well as a lack of overhead costs such as office space and electricity. The choice is yours, but let’s have a look at some of the things you can do with offshore outsourcing.

Entering Data: For the majority of businesses the manual entering of data is a time consuming and expensive task. Storing data such as emailing lists and stock control is a full time job particularly if you have a business turning over large amounts of goods and/or services. It is great if you have the time and patience to enter data but if you do not BPO staff could be considered.

Telesales and Call Centers: Do your marketing strategies include the use of the phone? Outsourcing BPO staff can do all your lead generation, sales or manage your incoming calls. You can diversify your marketing strategies by using BPO staff to call business prospects. Direct marketing via telephone is a very effective marketing strategy.

Customer Relations: If your in business then you need people or other businesses to purchase products or services from you. Customer service is paramount to ensuring you get return clients. In addition the word of mouth marketing strategy is the most effective. With BPO staff you can afford to offer greater customer service in the areas of ‘help desks’ for your products, people to confirm appointments and more. The cost effectiveness will enable you to offer great customer service normally not possible without the use of offshore BPO staff.

Offshore Admin Assistant: BPO Admin assistants are able to do a number of jobs including data entry, telephone (inbound and outbound), respond to emails, organize meetings and much more. Perhaps the workload for your current receptionist is too high and you can not justify another receptionist. You could employ a BPO staff member to complete these tasks and let your current receptionist do the meet and greet as well as other activities which require a physical presence. This could unleash your companies level of productivity and profits.

Bookkeepers: Bookkeepers are difficult to find locally and as such can cost a fortune. If you are running a business there are many taxation documents required. This can be a time consuming and expensive process if you need to employ a bookkeeper and accountant to manage and complete all your businesses financial records. BPO staff can do this at a fraction of the cost. This will ensure your financial data is up to date and saves money on accounting services.

If time is an issue for you and your business the use of BPO staff to complete those annoying jobs you have been meaning to finish is critical. Outsourcing staff could be the edge you have been searching for to increase your businesses productivity and capabilities.

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