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Run your Car on Water: Scam or Big-Money Saver at the Gas Pump?

For many, these high gas prices have become almost unbearably out of hand. The price of gas has reached as much as 5.00 a gallon in some of the busier…

Build a Hydrogen Generator and Make HHO Gas – DIY

With the increasing interest in alternative fuels today, many people are looking at making their own. A few years ago I did some research online abou…

Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator and Run Your Car With Water

With knowledge at the tip of our fingers today, there are a couple websites you can go to online to get blueprints for building your own hydrogen gene…

iBuzzPro: The New Voice of Cold Calling

Have you ever been stuck at your desk brainstorming a real solution to get around cold-calling? As many in direct sales and home business have found, …

IBuzzPro Tops List for MLM Marketing Prospect Recruiting

The competition in the world of MLM’s is getting tougher each year as more people are drawn to the flexibility, freedom, and financial rewards that co…