A Few Points To Consider When Using A Sunless Tanning Product

If you want to get a nice tan, one of the options available if you do not want to expose yourself to the harmful effects of the sun is applying a sunless tanning product. However, if you want the tan to be perfect then it is important that you take proper care to ensure that you apply the sunless tanning product correctly to avoid making mistakes that could lead to an uneven tan. [youtube:yz5J_MAPJ5s;[link:Self Tanner,mystic tan, tanning lotion reviews];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz5J_MAPJ5s?version=3&feature=related]

Although the fact remains that almost everybody loves wearing tight fitting attires, you should not put on a cloth that is tight when you have just used the sunless tanning products. In fact, if you must wear any cloth, it should be loose fitting cloth such as a pajamas or something g similar. If you do, be prepared to send such clothes the Laundromat to be cleaned from sunless tanning product stains.

After you have applied the sunless tanning product, you may still need to do some things; if you are busy, you will not even have to worry about stains until the product dries off. However, If you will have to lie in bed while the tan dries, arrange for another bedspread because a sunless tanning product can stain your bedspread while it is still wet.[I:http://www.articleslayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/HaywoodHunter2.jpg]

You will also need to set adequate time aside for the sunless tanning product to become dry. In fact, you should be prepared to wait for at least one hour before the product dries out. Thus, it might not be a very good idea to apply a sunless tanning product when you have a date in thirty minutes because it will not dry out properly.

Another thing that you will have to watch out for is that you have to avoid applying excessive sunless tanning on the dark areas of your body. This is because such areas are naturally darker than the rest of your body and if they become too tanned the results may be unsightly.

In addition, you should ensure to wash your hands regularly to avoid tanning your palms. If you are not very careful and you forget to wash your hands regularly, by the time you finish applying the sunless tanning product, you will find out that your palms are already tanned, and no one really wants a tanned palm.

To ensure a uniform tan, it might also be wise to apply the sunless tanning product to one little area of your body per time. This will enable you to concentrate on the activity at hand, so that you will be able to follow the instructions on the label and apply the sunless tanning product correctly. Some parts of the body like the back may be hard to reach, thus, you should find someone who will be kind enough to apply the sunless tanning product on your back.

More so, it is compulsory that you find a way to exfoliate the dead skin that is on your body before going for a sunless tanning session. Exfoliating your skin ensures that your body is free from all dead cells so that your tan does not fade off as soon as the dead cells fall off. In addition, sunless tanning cream will give you a tan that will last for some days, thus, you do not have to apply the product each day.

You can find a summary of the benefits of using sunless tanning products and tips on how to apply self tanning lotion correctly, now.

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