A Look At Hot Wax Hair Removal

by Lindelwa Maseko

Unwanted hair is a common problem among young women because we like to be sleek and neat. The razor while doing a good job, it is only for a short space of time so a better solution is needed. The answer to this is hot wax hair removal which gives a perfectly smooth finish without any shaving nicks. Most women have tried this method at some point with huge numbers only ever using this system.

With a plethora of hair removal products on the market some people may still be wondering why hot wax hair removal has lasted so well. There are some downsides to waxing away unwanted hair growth but there are some great benefits too. One reason for using wax removal is that it is less expensive compared too many of the newer systems available. Using a razor isn’t the most pleasant of ways to remove unwanted hair and not very nice when you cut yourself!

As always, a cut from shaving doesn’t want to stop bleeding and it will always happen just as you intend to go out. The poor guys have it worse though, having to shave everyday, not that it’s a problem if you use wax removal. Another advantage of hot wax hair removal is that your hair, when it returns, gets thinner every time. Shaving doesn’t come anywhere near as close and the more I wax the better.

Of course once you start shaving, the hair just seems to grow back thicker, quite the opposite of the wax system. No system is perfect and the downside to the hot wax hair removal system is there is a little discomfort but not as much as critics would have you believe. As alternatives to wax removal go, one of the worst is the Epilady. Unless you are a devout masochist, I would suggest you stay clear of this tiny but painful instrument. The amount of pain these cause, it really is surprising they have been awarded a license to sell them!

I only tried hot wax hair removal after one of my college friends suggested I try it as it was how she removed unwanted hair. I’m glad I did try because I wouldn’t go back to the other painful alternatives. It’s strange when you think about the poor reputation for comfort that wax removal has. I think it is an undeserved reputation when you consider the alternative solutions.

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