Achieve A Golden Tan From Using Sunless Tanning Lotion

It’s possible to have a natural looking tan, without damaging your skin from the sun, by a using sunless tanning lotion. There are many to choose from on the market. And you can control just how much darker you want your skin to appear, even in the dead of winter.[youtube:6vQd9qhRDvY;[link:fantasy tan, bronzer tanning lotion, best sunless tanning lotion, best self tanners 2011, best self tanenrs 2012];]

Some of them are fragranced and some of them are not. You can find certain brands that can be sprayed on or rubbed on like any regular lotion. Sometimes they include special conditioners for your skin, like aloe vera, to soothe the sting that comes from the sun, just in case you’re also getting tanned by the sun. Many also have level of sun block, for added protection.

It might be wise to sample a product by rubbing it into a small patch of your skin. Like with anything, it’s possible to have an allergic reaction. So better to test it in a little area rather than to find out the hard way with a full body rash. But usually the products are quite safe with no ill effects. You’ll notice a difference in skin color within hours of your first application. The more frequently you apply it, the darker your skin will be.[I:]

It’s important to apply the lotion evenly to avoid streaking. Some suggest sponging it on for the most even application. Remember that it will absorb into the palms of your hands, too, so if you’re rubbing it in with your hands you may want to wear gloves. Palms don’t naturally tan from the sun, so it will appear quite unnatural if they are tanned from the lotion. The same goes for the underarm areas.

Look for the special lotions made particularly for the face. They often contain extra moisturizers and sunscreens for the added protection necessary for that part of our body that inevitably gets the most sun exposure. These products can be better suited for evenly tanning the special contours and crevices on the face.

Use caution if you wear a bathing suit of other clothing when you apply your tan, because the ingredient that darkens your skin will also stain your fabric. In effect, you are temporarily dying your skin. The dye adheres to dead skin cells, so it’s important to wash and exfoliate before applying the lotion to remove excess dead cells from the usual dry skin areas of the body. Otherwise, they will absorb more of the darkening ingredient, resulting in uneven coloring.

Luckily the products on the market today are much more natural looking than the ones available ten or fifteen years ago. In the beginning, people who used the products that were first available had a noticeable orange hue. It made you wonder if they’d overdosed on carrot juice. It’s not the case anymore. The manufacturers have refined the products and there are many choices out there that will give you satisfying results.

The prices of sunless tanning lotion can vary widely, but paying more doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better product. It could pay off to comparison shop.

Learn about the advantages and benefits of using Sunless Tanning Lotion today! When you want to get a stunning and beautiful tan overnight Self Tan Lotion will help you to achieve the results that will give you the distinctive and unique look you want.

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