Achieving Amazing Results With Sun Laboratories Medium Before And After Products

Everyone wants to look great, especially for special occasions where a medium suntan is the perfect compliment to the perfect outfit. Not everyone has the time to lay out in the sun, or the access to the sunlight needed for such results. Sun Laboratories Medium Before and After skin care and self-tanning products will let any one, anywhere, have the look of sun-kissed skin at any time.

There is no need to worry about sun damaged skin or other dangers resulting from the exposure to UV rays with the use of all-natural products that are available at a great price. The added benefit of acquiring a medium to dark tan any day of the year is also a plus for users.

Showering and preparing the skin of the body before applying the self-tanning lotion will help speed up the process by allowing the lotion to absorb quickly into the skin. Exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and dirt and oil on the skin will promote absorption. It will also make the skin appear healthier as well. There is no need to apply other moisturizing products when using Sun Lab products as they are designed for that purpose as well as adding color.


Staining of the palms is a problem for many users when applying self-tanning products. Avoid the stains by wearing inexpensive disposable latex gloves and throwing them away when done. If palms do get stained, make a paste of baking soda and water and use it like soap to remove them. A pumice stone used with cleanser can also help clean away stains from self-tanning products.

Blending self-tanning products carefully over any areas of the body that have creases or wrinkle will alleviate the appearance of orange streaks or dark lines. This is especially necessary around the knuckles on the tops of the hands, and wrinkles or creases on ones face.

Hard-to-reach areas need not be a problem. Taping gauze pads to a ruler or long handled spoon will help apply lotion to unreachable places on the body. Having a partner apply the product may be more fun. Dispose of the used gauze immediately to avoid stains or the risk of ingestion by pets. While the ingredients may not be harmful, the possibility of choking on the cause is.

Use Sun Laboratories Before and After sun and skin care products to get that medium to dark sunless tan that develops in about three hours. The bronzing effect may be accentuated with repeated applications. It is however, recommended that the initial process be implemented just before bedtime to allow time for the formula to absorb and hydrate the skin.

Don’t shower or swim too soon after applying Sun Laboratories Medium Before and After products unless you want a lighter tan as some may wash off if not totally absorbed. This is another reason why use at bedtime is recommended. Some product may rub off on the sheets, but easily washes out in the laundry.

See the gallery of Sun Laboratories medium before and after pictures by going to the main website of the company. Learn how to apply Sun Laboratories self tanner evenly on your skin today!

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