Advice For Achieving That Ideal Sunless Tan

A natural sun-kissed glow is highly desirable today. One reason is because it is associated with good health. This can be easily achieved with the right sunless tanning products. However, to get a sunless look that appears real it also requires skillful application. Here are some tips for getting the tan you want throughout the year.[youtube:hwNcl4w5Lr0;[link:Best Self Tanning Lotion,mystic tan, spray tan];]

Selection of the right products is the key to achieving the perfect color. There are many on the market today, but the best ones interact with skin cells working only on the outer layer of the epidermis. Sunless tanners that claim they penetrate the under layer should be.

Another key is to ensure that the correct amount is used. Using more sunless tanner than is recommended will not be beneficial. This requires selecting the shade desired that works best with one’s skin tone. For those with fair skin, sunless tanners that are extremely dark should be avoided as they make the skin appear mask-like.[I:]

Sunless tanning products come in a variety of forms. They include powders, lotions, creams, and sprays. Lotions are known to last longer, but sprays are preferred. This is because sunless sprays can be applied more evenly and can reach areas individuals cannot reach themselves.

Exfoliating the skin prior to applying a sunless product is also important. This will eliminate a splotchy appearance. Skin needs to be limited to length of contact. This is especially important with hands that are known to become darker with exposure to sunless products.

Sunless products take time to apply properly and should be allowed to dry thoroughly. Plan on spending 45 minutes to 1 hour to apply the product and about 3 hours drying time. Fortunately, changes in the industry continue to improve sunless tanners so there is no reason you cannot achieve the look desired within a very short time.

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