Advices On Spray Suntan Lotion Booth

Sunbathing isn’t an option any more. It is risky to be overexposed to sun rays, because they cause different allergies and cancer. Not to mention the premature skin aging. The best way for achieving the desired bronze tan is to use quality sunless tan products. Using spray suntan lotion booth in some professional tanning salon is certainly the quickest and simplest method.

Spray suntan lotion booth is the perfect solution for achieving beautiful, flawless and streak-free bronze tan quickly and easily. The best thing is that you can have all-over tan, without unappealing white areas even if you are a shy person. Alone in your cabin, all you have to do is to follow the instructions, and that’s it.

You can also be tanned by a technician in your chosen salon. He will use very efficient airbrush system for applying the color, and you will be more than satisfied with your final results. Spray suntan lotion booth will basically provide the same thing, in less time. Your tan will be impeccable whatever method you decide to choose.[I:]

To make sure your tan will be just perfect, you need to shave a day or two before the treatment in spray suntan lotion booth. This way you won’t end up having tiny spots on your lovely tanned skin. Sensitive skin needs more time to heal, and shaving might irritate it too much. Don’t use deodorants or perfumes.

Exfoliation is something every sunless tan treatment requires. It is important to exfoliate before the treatment, to remove all dead skin cells. Good moisturizers are equally important. This way your skin will be soft and smooth, and after your treatment in spray suntan lotion booth, it will look absolutely flawless. Besides, your lovely bronze hue will last longer this way.

Bronze color of your skin is actually the result of one chemical reaction. All good sunless tanning lotions contain DHA. This compound reacts with the most outer skin layer, and creates lovely brown shades. Salons mostly use only high quality lotions containing sugar-based DHA in their spray suntan lotion booth, but different lotions often contain color enhancers as well.

The intensity of your final shade will depend on the percentage of DHA contained in your selected product. You can use spray suntan lotion booth all year round. In winter time, you may choose light golden nuances to refresh your appearance. After the treatment in spray suntan lotion booth, your skin will be radiant and appealing, and it will emphasize your natural beauty.

Spray suntan lotion booth in your nearest sunless tan salon can become your best friend. It takes only a few minutes to become amazingly tanned and attractive. There are no risks involved in this simple procedure, if you are properly prepared and ready to follow the instructions. Whatever nuance you prefer, it will be simply achieved using spray suntan lotion booth.

When planning treatment in spray suntan lotion booth, you should always put on loose-fitting clothes and shoes. Although your skin will be dry very quickly, the color will need some time to set, and you want it to stay absolutely perfect. Go ahead and enjoy being bronze.

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