All About Self Tanning Spray

A safe alternative to damaging UV rays is to use a self tanning spray. Excessive sun exposure is responsible for several skin cancers, and self tanning spray can be a sound and beautiful alternative. Self tanning products first appeared in the 60s, but have been improved upon considerably in the past few decades.[youtube:HPtMAFej7uc;[link:airbrush tanning, designer skin tanning lotion, best self tanning lotion];]

At first, self tanning products produced an orange glow that appeared fake. Overusing self tanning spray can still cause this to occur, but not if it is used according to the directions. Used properly, a beautiful tan can be created, without the risk of exposure to harmful UV rays found in sunlight.

A self tanning spray works by utilizing a chemical known as DHA. This chemical is derived from glycerin, a colorless sugar. It then reacts with the top, dead layers of skin cells on the body. This reaction creates the color change that looks like a tan. It must be maintained, though, as the dead cells slough off the fake tan will fade, usually in about a week. The self tanning spray needs to be reapplied periodically to maintain the tan.[I:]

One of the best application methods is a self tanning spray. This is because lotions can be hard to apply evenly to the skin. A self tanning spray distributes the product evenly, which keeps the tan from becoming patchy or blotchy once it develops.

To get the most even look possible, exfoliation should take place before applying a self tanning spray, either with a scrub or a loofah. Care should be taken not to get the product on sensitive areas, such as lips or eyes. Also, apply the self tanning spray sparingly to elbows and knees, these usually have more dead cells and will appear darker if a light touch is not used.

Even though self tanning spray gives the appearance of a tan, it does not offer any protection from the sun and harmful UV rays. A good sunscreen should still be used when exposure to the sun will occur. Self tanning spray will give the user the peace of mind from knowing they are not risking cancerous exposure, while still getting a great look that lasts for days.

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