Anti-Wrinkle Cream

by Julie Samtsonn

The worst thing about getting old is those dreadful wrinkles. This problem has haunted women for years. Consequently the cosmetics industry has come up with several options; botox injections face lifts and anti wrinkle creams are but 3 of them. New products are bombarding us everyday. Each one holds the promise that you can look 10 or even 30 years younger if you use them.

The big question is whether they really work, or is it just marketing hype to get desperate women to buy the products? It really all boils down to whether the product will work for your particular skin type. Of course another factor is just how well you have treated your skin throughout your life. The sun is your skin’s worst enemy.

There are a number of anti wrinkle creams that are in fact very good. The ingredients are the deciding factor of just how good they are. A good indicator is that the ingredient listed at the top of the list is usually the one that is predominant. For example if water tops the list then that will make up the vast majority of the cream. Be sure to understand exactly what the product is claiming to do. Remember there is no miracle cure but you will find that wrinkles and fine lines will eventually reduce and even disappear over time.

Some products are mostly made up of Aloe Vera. This is taken from the plant, and is renowned for its healing attributes. Try to find a product in this line that has a high ratio of Aloe Vera. Over time your skin will appear more radiant and beautiful.

Other products include anti aging wrinkle creams. For these products be sure that the anti aging agent is listed at the top to be sure that there is the maximum amount of it in the cream. Many of these products will have what is known as anti toxins. These ingredients are specifically for reducing the signs of aging and stimulating new skin growth. Harmful toxins like free radicals are neutralized by these substances. You will see your skin improve when you use these products.

A great way to assess a product and see whether it really works is to get recommendations from friends and family. This form of viral marketing is one of the best ways for a product to be marketed. When one person is thrilled with a product they will tell many more people. This is why reviews and customer feedback are so important.

Products that contain collagen and elastin are normally the ones that will provide the best results in the shortest time. These products help to tighten loose skin and help to restore the elasticity that is lost as we age. Before purchasing any product make sure it has a money back guarantee if you do not see results.

The company that stands behind it’s product when it comes to anti-wrinkle creams and anti-aging solutions will be the one that you would be more apt to believe when it comes to the product they are selling.

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