Apply Sun Sunless Tanning Lotion Four Times A Week

It is no longer merely body builders or models who utilize Sun sunless tanning lotion. Now many men and women use these products whether going to the beach or the gym. It is much better than baking in the sun or a bed, even if the effects of the product fade as the skin wears off. This is a safe method of achieving a beautiful tan, and it is much more recommended by dermatologists than sun bathing.

This kind of lotion impact the outermost layer of skin, known as the epidermis. They do not damage the sensitive under layers of the dermis as the sun can. A really bad sunburn can do damage deep into the lower dermal layers, aging skin through the years, and even causing melanoma, a life-threatening cancer of the skin.

The chemical DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, is a chemical sugar which reacts with the outer layer of the epidermis, causing a natural browning of skin cells. This effect fades quickly as skin cells are lost, and the manufacturer recommends that reapplication be done every few days. This not only moisturizes the skin, but it helps to maintain the look of a healthy tan.[I:]

Some pills and sprays containing the chemical tyrosine are also available on the market, although there is limited scientific proof that these products actually work. Those who use it claim that it actually increases the amount of melanin in the skin, and that this can accelerate the tanning process. While there is still not yet any proof that this works, there are plenty of people who still swear by it.

Tanning pills which contain the chemical canthaxanthin are out there, although they are not FDA approved for this use. They are utilized as food coloring additives, but in amounts much smaller than the pills. The fact is, some very serious side effects have been found to result from the use of canthaxanthin internally.

When a person uses canthaxanthin internally, they are using three times what would generally be considered a dose for food. It results in an orange-brown hue to the skin, and can also result in canthaxanthin retinopathy, which is a yellowing of the eyes. The Food and Drug Administration does not intend to ever approve this product as a tan agent, as it has been connected with isolated cases of hepatitis.

There are some creams and bronzing agents which are very popular as well, but they do not create a permanent coloring. It is more like a cosmetic, as it can be washed away with soap and water. Some spray tans are utilized, especially by body builders, and this coloring lasts a little longer, but it does wear off with bathing.

Consumer beware, however, as Sun sunless tanning lotion does not provide protection from the harmful UV rays of the actual sun. They can be utilized to give the body a nice tanned look, but when on the beach or at the pool, one must still wear sun screen. As always, dermatologists recommend an SPF of 15 or higher when choosing a sun screen.

Find details about the things to consider before you buy tanning lotion and a review of the advantages you get when you use Sun sunless tanning lotion, now.

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