Applying Sun Labs Dark Lotion To Enjoy A Realistic Bronzed Complexion

Sun Labs dark lotion is used by women who like to tan safely indoors. The product is formulated to darken the skin without the need to expose it to dangerous solar radiation. Because of this, the risk for skin cancer is considerably reduced. When applied properly, the resulting color looks real and stays around for days.

Sun Labs dark self-tanning solution leaves a deep brown stain the moment it is applied on the skin. This allows the user to get a satisfying result immediately. It’s important for the product to be completely absorbed before getting dressed.

The bronzing ingredient of Sun Labs dark lotion is the one that causes immediate complexion change. In addition, it allows the user to apply the product evenly, thus resulting in a tan that others won’t suspect as fake. The stain left behind may be washed off when you take a shower or sweat a lot. Worry not because there is another very important ingredient that Sun Labs dark formulation contains which produces a lasting tan.


DHA is the most important ingredient found in Sun Labs dark at-home tanning solution. This is a chemical approved by the FDA for topical use so you know it won’t harm the skin. To further give you peace of mind, DHA is extracted from sugar cane. It is capable of giving you an eye-catching bronzed complexion without causing unnecessary problems along the way.

As soon as you apply Sun Labs dark indoor solution, DHA begins to spring into action. However, it is only after approximately 3 hours had passed that the initial darkening takes place. The chemical is capable of browning the topmost layer of your skin. Parts of the body where the lotion has been applied should not be touched by soap or water that is salty or chlorinated for about 24 hours. Otherwise, DHA in Sun Labs dark formulation may get destroyed before it has given you the darkest possible tan.

Sun Labs dark at-home tanning solution can give you that sun-kissed glow for about a week. The deep color produced gradually fades as the skin’s topmost layer, something which consists of dead cells, is replaced naturally. The good news is you just have to apply the product again if you don’t want those flattering remarks to stop coming your way.

Exfoliating before using Sun Labs dark lotion helps you achieve a more natural-looking tan. Doing so gives both bronzers and DHA found in this product a smoother surface to work on. During the application, remember to wash the hands as frequently as you can with soap and water to keep the palms stain-free. The use of plastic gloves is also a good idea.

Just like many women who are using Sun Labs dark self-tanning solution, you too can sport a darker complexion without risking your life. By having a bottle of it at home, you don’t have to expose yourself unnecessarily to dangerous solar radiation. Getting a tan is possible no matter the weather or season. Using this product is also a practical alternative to getting airbrushed at a professional tanning salon.

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