Are We to Blame for our Acne Outbreak?

Have you ever met someone who welcomed acne? This undesirable condition often brings about negative thinking, whether it’s conscious or not. When we see someone with severe acne, or even a mild outbreak, what do we think of them? Do we assume that it’s a poor diet, lack of hygiene, or a low self esteem?

There are many suspected causes of acne, but no definitive answer to the treatment. If we had the answers we could find a workable solution. It used to be that acne was a sign of the hormonal changes that come about during the teen years, but this is no longer the case. Far more adults carry on the signs of acne.

Can we point the finger at our westernized fast food diets? Most of us think there is truth in the expression: you are what you eat. What exactly is causing these skin eruptions? Is it sugar? Maybe it’s the preservatives, additives, colorants, or the hydrogenated fats. We used to think chocolate was to blame, but even that theory doesn’t fit.

Can acne be the result of bacteria, virus or other foreign matter in our system? Is it an outward expression of the internal state-of-health? If acne is caused by a toxic internal environment, then how do we treat it? Sounds like a dietary and maybe even environmental change is in order. If it is caused by a parasite, like bacteria or virus, then how do we make ourselves stronger, and end the influence of these microscopic invaders?

Here we are, back at square one. Diet is the foundation of wellness and health. After all, you are what you eat. But what if you have not had the greatest diet? How do you get back on track with your wellness program? We can spin our wheels investing a lot of time and money to fix what is broken, or we can give our bodies the support and tools it needs to be strong and do the job it is designed to do.

So then the question arises: what tools can the body use to become stronger and more self-managing? There are many simple things we can do, or use, to restore the powerful immune system. Good clean water is a key element. Choosing a healthier whole food diet is another powerful tool. We must also clean up our internal environment, and that is called detox.

One of the easiest tools that is available to us is called MMS. This is simply a solution of sodium chlorite, which is about the best water purifier in existence. Many have found this solution, used with an activator, has been useful in cleaning their fruits and vegetables as well as purifying their food prep spaces. Many use MMS in their detox protocol. MMS has been used successfully to treat malaria in third world countries.

Acne does not have to be the battle of a lifetime. We can fight back, and by recognizing the underlying causes we can also find the steps to take within our own lives to end our association with the blemishes that affect our outlook and our appearance.

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