Be Tan With Sun Laboratories Offerings

Sun Laboratories is a leading producer of self-tanning products. The company was founded back in 1983, making them the oldest producer of self-tanning products. With over twenty five years of experience, the consumer can be sure that their products are top in the industry.[youtube:q9rd1HT3Ad0;[Best Self Tanner, best indoor tanning lotion, best tanning lotion];]

Desiring to help people tan throughout the year, Gisela Hunter envisioned a product that would recreate the effects of the sun on the skin. She hoped for consumers to have the ability to have a tan glow all year long, not only in the summer. An industry was born once products were developed that had superb effects.

This vision of Gisela’s grew to be Sun Laboratories, which operates a facility in Chatsworth, CA. At this plan they produce, package, and distribute the best sunless tanning products in the industry. Using innovating ways to make and apply their products, the company is leading the sunless tanning industry.[I:]

Offering choice for both the professional and the consumer, the lab continues to create high-quality sunless tanning products. Consumers rave about the offerings available from this company. They are truly at the top of the game for self-tanning products.

Sun also offers their services to other companies that want to innovate in the sunless tanning industry. Using their private label division, they can take an idea and make it happen. With contract packaging and customer manufacturing services available, they can assist other companies in formulating their own products or selling Sun’s products as their own.

Sun also offers tanning accelerator products as well as products for blocking the harmful rays from the sun. They are not solely interested in self-tanning. Their offerings run the spectrum of skin products, and are created to be the safest and best in the industry.

Products are available to salon owners at a discount. All products can be both sold and used in a salon or other tanning business. Business owners can visit the web site for details on how to purchase products for discounted prices and to learn more about professional offerings. The company offers products for airbrushing and also for machines used in self-tanning as well as products to sell to consumers.

Their product offerings are available online and through most major retail establishments. Since they are the leading producer of self-tanning products, almost any place that offers sunless tanning items will have products made by this company. Their product line is large and ever growing and evolving with demand and changes in technology.

Available online is an excellent web site that features the products available, including samples. With products that can be applied in many different ways and come in many different forms, the site has all products that this company offers. They offer many way to get a self-tan with wide-ranging shades and possibilities.

Sun Laboratories is truly a leader in the self-tan industry. With innovative products and methods for application, they offer everything one needs for a sunless tan. Being at the top of the industry, you can trust their products to provide that beautiful tan glow you desire without the harm of the sun or artificial tanning.

Sun Laboratories is something you should know more about if you are interested in tanning. We would like to tell you more on sun labs dark sunsation.

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