Breast Enhancement Surgery Alternative

by Tiffany Hart

The water bra offers a temporary bit of oomph for your bust line without the risks of breast enhancement surgery. Water bras have been around for some time, but are seeing a resurgence of popularity recently.

Most women that opt for plastic surgery do so in order to enhance their breasts. Breast enhancement is so popular due to the fact that most women are not happy with what God gave them. The only problem (well, one problem) with plastic surgery is that it is expensive.

Another downside with plastic surgery is it is more or less permanent. If you have an active lifestyle, large breasts are a negative. The water bra was created as an answer to this problem.

Unlike overstuffed push up bras, the water bra actually makes breasts look real even if they have been exaggerated by a size or two. For the most part, the water bra is best for those women with smaller chest sizes, though it can also bring a bit of oomph to large cup sizes as well.

You are probably wondering why you should go with this instead of a basic push up bra. The reason is simple. A push up bra creates unnatural shapes for the breast. A water bra, on the other hand, creates a natural shape based on your natural bust line.

The water bra is a special occasion bra. It is not something to be put on day after day. If you are heading out for the evening or wearing a sexy little number, the water bra can put the exclamation point on the look.

Water bras do tend to fit a bit differently than regular bras, so try to find out where you can try one on in your area before buying. This way, you can also decide upon the size that you want to be while looking at your new profile in the store mirror.

Now that you know this bra exists, what are you waiting for? Every woman should have at least one water bra in her wardrobe…you never know when you will need to add an extra touch to that outfit. Do not settle for the size that Mother Nature intended you to have. Use a water bra instead.

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