Choosing The Matching Colour For A Corporate Clothing To Send The Right Message

Have you ever stopped to consider you may be purchasing the wrong corporate clothing for your employees? You may think that you have considered all the necessary factors by making sure that the fit and style are right but those are not all.

The colour.

Colour is a psychological tool for people who can see. If you know a bit more about colour psychology, it will be easier to make a colour decision that will send the right message, encourage not only your employee but also your customers.

How To Choose The Right Colour For A Corporate Clothing- Are Your Colours Sending The Deserved Message?

Companies don’t just choose the colours of their website, logos, products and cloths for fun. They are all used to define something. Let us take Campbell’s soup for instance on this issue. You probably know them with that same four colours for years.

You may ask, why is it so? But what mental image did you create at the thought of Campbell? You must have figured their label. You may say that this is because of the psychology behind the colours and the role they are playing for the firm.

If you are going to purchase clothing for your employees, choosing the correct colours can mean the difference between creating a long lasting positive impression on your clients or not. If you want your clothing to send the right message and encourage the growth of your company, consider the following.

Find A Corporate Clothing With Some Black Colours- Black colour- Black generally represent power and authority. However, it can often be overwhelming due to its serious nature if it not combined with other colours.

White colour- White colour signifies purity. People who wear white are seen as being creative, trustworthy and safe.

The grey colour- Grey is practical and solid. It is sometimes used in place of black but it commands much weaker authority than black.

The red colour- Red is an attention drawing colour. Red can be used with some accessories like ties to create a feeling of strength and power but care should be taking not to overdo it.

Blue colour- A lot of people have blue as their favourite colour. This is often because the colour blue can actually produce calming chemicals in the body when it is viewed. Blue is also associated with some other qualities like steadfastness, dependability, loyalty and wisdom. This is why many people choose to have blue colour in their uniform.

The colour green- Green is often associated with wealth, conservative thinking, and masculinity. It also makes a calming and pleasing view to the eye.

The yellow colour- Yellow is associated with happiness and good living. When we see yellow, serotonin is released in our brain which is a chemical that prompts good feeling.

The organe colour- Located between yellow and red is the colour orange. People view this colour with some of the qualities of yellow and red but not to such a huge intense. People who see orange often feel warm, more energy and ambition.

Before you think of picking any corporate clothing for your employees, it is necessary that you consider the colour you are about choosing. Will the colours you choose help to increase your sales, instil trust, and encourage the growth of your business? How to purchase the right corporate clothing

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