Closet organization is an art

To help you organize your closet and to launder easily, follow the under-mentioned tricks.

Pant trolley nothing but a rack with built in wheels having a dozen or two metal hangers and this comes handy in any closet and laundry rooms.

In the event of running out of space in the closet, the pant trolley can be wheeled out onto the floor of the closet for creating additional space which can be slid in and out of the closet as and when required.

In the laundry room, one can easily wheel in after hanging the garment on the trolley post washing or ironing and works great especially when the clothes are out of the dryer or ironed to prevent formation of wrinkles. In storage, one or more pant trolleys can be used to store off season clothes. This will alleviate in the event of lack of closet space.

The other way to organize the closet is by including a bar to hang sweaters/suits. The Cedar Hangers will allow hang multiple garments in place of one. Organizers with hooks and shelves can fit in very nicely into your closet and help you arrange everything neatly.

Yet another improvised product is the hanging type Space Maker/airtight storage bags to help you get additional space in your closet. These bags contain garments which can be hung in your closet and you can seal the same with vacuum yourself by your household vacuum cleaner. This will occupy less space since you can hang or stack these bags. It also helps protecting the contents from pests/insects.

The ideal way is to plan the available space and make the most of it to accommodate to enable locate the items easily whenever required.

If there is surplus space available apart from the closet, either moving in some off-season clothing to another closet or to a pant trolley in storage will help locate items that are required or used frequently Old clothing like your wedding gown/antique dresses in your closet could have an innovatively decorated box made out with folk art. However, if you have clothes which are seldom worn, you may as well consider giving it to charity or the home for the destitute. This can possibly avoid the old clothes from getting affected by moths besides becoming useful to the destitute and needy people. There could also be some vintage shops dealing with old items which can take those items for a price thereby deriving a mental satisfaction and peace and economizing/optimizing space in the closet.

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