Don’t Be A Suit Wearer Sinner

by Victor Santerino

This article will review the most basic suit wearing sins that ordinary people like you and me make on a daily basis. Read through it and you will be looking more polished and refined in no time.

The suit jacket must always be tailored to the individual. There are just too many men walking around with suits that are too large or too slim at the waist.

Another common mistake in regards to jacket wear is the buttons being done up incorrectly. The bottom button should never be buttoned. When the suit button finally rips off upon sitting, you will be well aware of your mistake.

Jacket sleeves extending too far below the end of the dress shirt. Suit jackets should allow for about a quarter of an inch of the shirt sleeve to show.

Pants with a flat front should never have cuffs. Save the cuffs for your pleated and double pleated pants.

Regardless of whether or not the pants have cuffs, they should end at an appropriate place. The rule is to have the pants end at the very top of the dress shoe or with a slight break on the dress shoe.

The shoes and belt must always be of matching colors.

Use polish on your shoes whenever necessary. It is glaringly obvious when a person has scuffed up shoes.

Wear socks that are a shade lighter than the suit pants. This rule applies to everything but a white suit. Never wear white socks.

This article was written to help men refine their look. Use this as a reference point when wearing your suits and you will never go wrong.

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