How Many Colors Are Available For the Ahh Bra?

The Ahh Bra passed it’s review with flying colors. This is a comfortable and breathable bra that you’ll wear all day whether it’s the gym, work or a night out. It is great to sleep in as well, since it fits so snugly and breathes. There are lot’s of bras out there but it’s impossible to try them all. Bras with wire supports are not nearly so comfortable since they pinch. There are literally millions of women who are already experiencing this comfort, so why not try it yourself?

The fabric is a nylon material that conforms to your shape as soon as you put it on. Back fat bulges are gone and you will feel great and look great too. Comfort and gentle support are built into the Ahh Bra. Wire support bras are just a bad memory. The form flattering fit stretches as you moves and breathes to keep you fresh and cool. All in all, the design team at Rhonda Shears achieved a great success.

Wire support bras and constricting straps cause bulges or “back fat” in the not so flattering vernacular. You are not causing the bulges, your bra is causing them. The bulges are caused by a bra that does not conform to the shape of your natural form. Get ready to be be thrilled by your new sleek and bold look when you wear yours under your favorite outfits. No more wires, no more bulges, and gentle support and comfort all day long.

Slipping and drooping straps are replaced by spreading the support across the shoulders for a more comfortable feel. You can wear this bra all day and the straps will stay in place as you move with no worries.

Taking care of the Ahh Bra is simple and easy. It is nice to be able to buy a bra that you love and then be able to wash and wear it without losing the fit. Easy care means you just throw them in the washer and dryer and then wear them.

The Ahh Bra is packed with outstanding features like comfort, versatility and easy-care that make it a fantastic value. It also is made in over 60 patterns and colors. The variety of colors will make your favorite outfit look it’s best and you too!

You will love the comfortable Rhonda Shears Ahh Bra fit compared to your old fashioned ill-fitting bra. Come and shop the great selection at our Rhonda Shears Ahh Bra fit Superstore for great values today!

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