I Want The Best Doll House On Earth!

Many young girls and boys dream of owning a huge wood doll house. Creative skills can be built by allowing a child to organize, decorate, and furnish a small-scale home. Then family-modeled play involving the doll house people and their lives can truly help inspire a child through decision making and story telling.

Now, a doll house is not just a figment of anyone’s imagination, considering its size! It is modeled after real houses, and the ideas come from all corners of the world. Of course, among the many styles of house manufacturing, there are some that are more popular than the others. We shall discuss those popular styles here. They include Georgian, English Tudor, Victorian, Colonial and American Farm House.

A Victorian home is an elaborate two-story home that often came with an attic on the unfinished third floor. Named after Queen Anne who loved things to look regal, Queen Anne Victorian homes had a number of large windows, fancy curved wrap-around porches, irregular rooflines, and towers on the upper corner of the house. On the outside, these homes showcased exquisite millwork and latticework skirting. The open areas under the porches were also finished with the latticework skirting. Children love wood doll house models that are created to look like Victorian homes. The large rooms allow for entertaining and the upstairs contain many bedrooms to fit larger families.

The Eastern area favors colonial-style houses. The house is well worth the money that is paid for it, since the area is large. Two-storied in construction and rectangular in shape, the living space is more than enough for the entire family. While the bedrooms are housed on the upper floor, the downstairs is meant for entertaining. The construction is quite standard.

Just like Colonial homes, Georgian houses also have a large living space, making them convenient for entertaining. They are also rectangular in shape. The difference lies in the fact that a Georgian home exterior is like a mirror image–one side is exactly the same as the other. This is because on either side there are borders consisting of huge brick or stone chimneys. Thus, they are grander than colonial houses.

Ask manufacturers which is the simplest doll house to construct, and they will reply, “the American Farm House”! It consists of a main portion in front, which is then extended. The extension is at the back in the shape of a T or an L. This creates a larger living area. The farmhouse is two-storeyed with the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom downstairs, and the bedrooms upstairs.

English Tudors are perhaps my favorite house style. Huge stone chimneys, timber lines on the stone walls, narrow windows, cross-hatching near the roof line, and parapets set these homes apart from the typical. Though these wood doll house kits can be more expensive, they are also gorgeous. Generally, in an English Tudor, the bedrooms were upstairs, while guest quarters and living space remained on the main floor.

It is advisable to present the child with the list of doll houses and allow him/her to choose. They get the feeling of being important, and respect you for “respecting” their opinions! The doll house therefore becomes a very special part of their lives.

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