Save Money on Bras By Cleaning Them Correctly

by Tiffany Hart

Finding a comfortable bra can take a lot of time. Purchasing it can take a lot of money. If you are going to go through all the hassle, it would seem to make sense that you should try to make them last. It all comes down to care.

A bra is a delicate piece of clothing. The primary issue is the elastic band. It only lasts so long. If you were it more than one day straight, you risk shortening its life and the bra as well.

Underwire bras provide a ton of support, but the poking can be brutal. To prevent it, wash bras in cold water only. Hot water shrinks the material around the underwire and pressure forces it to poke through the protective material.

Amazingly we tend to think that bras are invincible. We toss them aside, wear them out, and generally abuse them. However, learning how to care for your bras will actually result in longer wear. Did you know that putting your bras in the dry can cause the material to warp within a few weeks?

Who has time to hand wash anything? Well, you and me. Just designate a bit of time on Sunday and do it. Hand wash your bras in cool, soapy water then rinse and hang up to air dry. It should take no more than 20 minutes.

Ah, who really needs to do this? I can just buy more bras. Well, you really do not want to take this tack once you find a comfortable bra. Why? Well, brands change bras all the time. In other words, you need to make them last.

The washing machine and dryer are wonderful inventions, but not when it comes to certain delicates. Do not be lazy. If you start feeling that way, just put on an uncomfortable bra to remind yourself why you need to care for good bras.

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