The Bra That Converts

by Tiffany Hart

The superior bra is the one that gives you plenty of support combined with comfort. The best in these two areas usually are not the most elegant, so what are you to do when it comes time to attend special events?

While you can get away with general looks in daily life, special occasions demand particular styles. You would not wear a blazing red low cut dress to a funeral nor would you wear a demur black dress to a ball. The same goes for bras.

This raises the rather obvious question of which brassiere goes with which event? Should you be wearing a plunging piece to a business holiday part or something a bit more reserved?

A quick word on some extreme bust measures. Duct tape. Models wear it on the catwalk and for magazine shoots. You should not do so. It is very bad for your skin and hurts after a short amount of time.

There is a far simpler solution. There is one bra that can be used in a wide variety of special occasions. It is known as the convertible bra. It goes with everything from a full blown gown to a little strapless number.

As the name suggests, this bra is tremendous because it can be changed up. The shoulder straps are not fixed to the cups. Instead, they are subtly clipped on. This means you can unclip and move the straps around.

The key to the convertible bra is to remember that the support should come from the band around the bottom. The shoulder straps should only provide occasional cup support. Your breasts should be pushed up, not pulled up.

Assume you are wearing a dress with one shoulder strap. You can remove the bra strap for the bare shoulder. The other strap is left on and rides up over the shoulder that is covered. You get security without compromising your look.

The ingenious benefits of this bra are obvious when we consider a strapless dress. Instead of spending money on strapless bras, we can just use our convertible bra. Remove both straps and we suddenly have our strapless bra.

To say that the convertible bra should be in your closet is a minor understatement. From many women, it takes the place of most of their other bras.

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