The Funny Offensive T-Shirt Revolution

The modern t-shirt reveals more about its wearer than it covers up. The shape and cut of the simple tee may be the same as its always been, but the messages and sayings printed on the front of these trendy, funny and offensive shirts, often speak volumes about your personality. Tees aren’t just worn for clothing anymore. They’ve become an essential form of visual expression.

What your graphic tee is saying might be fun or furious, dirty or daring, perverted or playful. No matter what it’s saying, however, we are all given a deeper look into the mindset of its wearer.

A humorous or rude t-shirt can evoke laughter from classmates or sneers from strangers, but what it tells others about yourself is often more revealing.

You see these kinds of shirts worn by actors in almost every TV show and feature film today. That’s because these tees do such an excellent job of conveying to the audience the type of character he represents.

You simply can’t watch a good slacker movie these days without seeing a main actor wearing a cool, and often profane, graphic tee. Every modern-day coming of age flick, from Knocked Up to Superbad to Juno seems to feature one.

You’ve no doubt seen the gangsta parody shirt featuring the toilet paper roll and the catchphrase, “That’s How I Roll.” Or how about the infamous drunk character stumbling out of the bar at 3 am, wearing the now-famous “Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk” shirt? Shirts like these make a funny scene even funnier, all while drilling home the dramatic irony.

Call it a trend. Call it a geek’s revenge. Whatever it is, it’s the hottest new anti-fashion movement. And like Heidi says, if you’re not in, you’re out.

Yes, we’ve quickly become a nation of walking billboards. One where a proper sartorial display of crude wit and urban sophistication can break the ice and gain you instant acceptance into the cool crowd.

It’s branding at its best. And the product you’re advertising is simply you.

There are many hidden layers of your personality that are waiting to be revealed by the right choice of shirt. Choose wisely.

So make sure your next shirt says all the right things about you. Ditch the plain white and go for something with a crazy saying or hilarious slogan.

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