Where to Find Gorgeous Handmade Beaded Jewelry

You want to look great, so where can you find those beautiful, beaded barrettes that are made by artists? If your hair is short, a little, beaded hair clip is perfect. If your hair is long, the artist made French beaded barrettes are just the ticket. It is like jewelry for your hair.

Beaded barrettes are easier to find than you might think. Sure, your hair dresser, grocery stores or big box stores all seem to sell the exact same thing. For something unique you need to go to the artist themselves. You need to find the people who make the beautiful, unique creations for your hair.

To shop for handmade barrettes and hair clips, enter those words into your favorite search engine. That will likely pull up some websites of artists who make beaded barrettes and handmade hair clips and combs. Another place to check is the website Etsy. Etsy is a website that is used only by artists who make there own creations. There are many artists on that website who make hair clips, beaded combs, and beaded barrettes. It is amazing what you can find there. There are some other websites similar to Etsy. Do a search engine search for “artist websites” and you’ll find several. Etsy is the biggest one and has been around the longest, however.

The skill of the artist and the quality of their work will set the price for hair accessories. You’ll see some that are very cheap and with poor design. You’ll find more expensive ones with gorgeous use of color and great symmetry, which are a lot more expensive but will last a lifetime. Another factor in price is the amount of labor that goes into making the barrette or hair clip. Some beautiful designs are really easy and quick to make so they don’t cost but twenty dollars. Others take many hours of labor so they cost hundreds.

Some of the finer work done in barrettes is with spectacular material. Swarovski crystals and Swarovski faux pearls are just such an example. They are well made and gorgeous. They add sparkle and life to the beaded barrette, which makes you look beautiful. When comparing a beaded barrette made with Swarovski crystals and pearls to the discount version of crystals and pearls, it is very easy to see that you like the one made with the Swarovski items. Another thing to keep a look out for is Miyuki Delica beads. These beads are the finest glass beads in the world. A beaded barrette made with those really stands out. They are neat and perfect in the way the beads lay, the finishes are beautiful and the crystal beads add a beautiful rainbow of color and glisten in the sun. The Czech beads are nothing like them. Of course, the Miyuki Delica beads are a lot more expensive than Czech beads, but you’ll find the beaded barrettes are very much worth the extra paid in price.

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