William Rast: Homage In Clothing

William Rast jeans sparked a new trend in the fashion industry and gives homage to the William Rast clothing line founders’ grandfathers. The founders are Justin Timberlake and his childhood friend, Trace Ayala. They have created the William Rast jeans and clothing line by combining the names of their grandfathers. William is Justin Timberlake’s grandfather, and Rast is the last name of Trace Ayala’s grandfather; hence William Rast.

The brain child of the two friends, the William Rast jeans and clothing line, is innovative, a bit trendy and an inspiration to all who wear them. The childhood friends knew that they would only create William Rast jeans if they could do it the right way, making their grandfather’s names proud and setting a new trend. This is exactly what they have done with William Rast. The line has been inspired by the down hominess of Memphis, Tennessee where the two grew up, and also a hip fusion inspired by the limelight and chic, trendy style of Hollywood. Once the William Rast jean idea was conceived, it was time to get it started.

While the William Rast jeans and clothing line debuted in November 2005, the first fashion show was not until approximately a year later, in October of 2006. Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala worked with the best designers in the business to prepare for the show, which worked out wonderfully. William Rast was a big success.

The heart of Tennessee is the root to the William Rast jeans and clothing inspiration. The William Rast jeans are made with the homey country setting in mind but with a hint of stardom. The slashed v logo is embroidered on both back pockets on each pair of jeans, making them unique and easily noticed when worn.

The women’s lines of William Rast jean contain a variety in country chic jeans. The colors and style options are perfect for any body style. The low rise jeans contour the body and accentuate the right spots. The available options are trouser, capri, boot cut, flare, skinny, straight, and shorts jean styles. The men’s William Rast jeans have either flare or straight leg styles. The William Rast jeans for men are also low rise and tailored for the male physique.

Justin Timberlake may be the reason for William Rast being all the rage. It could also be the provocative and tantalizing ads that he stars in with Erin Wasson. However, the real reason that William Rast jeans and clothing line are a hit is because the bit of Tennessee and the taste of California create the perfect combination of relaxation and glamour that is hot in today’s fashion world.

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