Wool Suits Guide

by Victor Santerino

Knowing how to choose a suit material can be the difference between owning the perfect suit and owning a dreaded work uniform. The process of choosing the perfect suit has been made complicated by the ample amount of choices on the market today. This article will explain the differences between the varying materials and give you a better idea of what materials to buy.

Wool suits are drastically different among the various types. These types include: tweed, herringbone, flannel, and worsted wool. Differences range from weight, quality, and even durability.

The quality of these suits is based off of how fast the wool is spun at when it is woven. Designers have come up with a system of numbering the wools to tell consumers what the quality is. Numbers range from 90 to 200 with 90 being the lowest quality and 200 being the highest quality.

Tweed suits are the thickest type of suit you will find on the market. Woolen yarn is used to make this the coarsest yet most durable wool suit you can find. Men looking for a suit that is ideal for winter wear should seriously consider this suit.

Herringbone suits are of medium weight making them ideal for year round suits. This type of suit comes in a zig zag pattern which can add a bit of style to your wardrobe. Properly coordinating this type of suit with a nice shirt and tie will make this suit stand out in a positive way.

Men looking for a comfortable winter suit should look into a flannel model. These suits are just as warm as tweed models but not quite as coarse or heavy. The only drawback is that they are not always as durable as their tweed counterparts.

The lightest type of wool fabric is worsted wool. Men should wear this suit as a summer suit or a comfortable office suit. It is not recommended for outdoor winter wear as it is designed to keep the wearer cool.

The knowledge in this article should have given you a good idea as to what type of suit you need for each climate. Before making your next purchase remember to seriously consider the times and places you will be wearing your new suit.

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