Your Expert Guide to Ahh Bra Sizing

Since you’re here, you are probably excited about buying your very own Ahh Bra. But wait: before you buy one online, you need to be aware of how the Ahh Bra sizing system works. Many people end up being disappointed because their new Ahh Bra doesn’t fit.

Trust us on this one: if the Ahh Bra makes you sweaty, you are probably wearing an Ahh Bra that is too small for you. But don’t worry; in today’s discussion we will be tackling all of the important details that center on the Ahh Bra’s unique sizing system. But, before we dive headlong into Ahh Bra sizes, let us share with you a few facts about the Ahh Bra so you will know what to expect when you finally buy one for yourself.

We can tell you this bra is like nothing you have ever worn. You will never have to deal with clips in the front or back and you will never have to pull up or straighten the straps again. Since it is a full bra it not only provides support to the bust line but also supports the back and sides. This support ensures that there are no unsightly bulges.

Other bras may make you feel like your body is being cut up into portions. This modern new undergarment, made from a soft, knitted material, fully adapts to your shape and size from the first moment you put it on. This material allows your skin to breathe. As we have mentioned above, if your skin cannot breathe and you feel sweaty than you have selected too small of a size.

Let us talk about the sizes. Unlike the ordinary garments you are used to buying, these are made with the concept that one size can support more than one cup size. Essentially buying this garment is similar to buying a new tee shirt.

The only difference, of course, is that you won’t be purchasing a new top, you will be purchasing something that can potentially replace your old bras, especially if you want to feel truly comfortable at home or at work. Rhonda Shears has employed a new form-hugging technology that makes the material conform to your body shape.

As of this writing, this is the sizing system for the Ahh Bra:

-Medium (MED) for those with a band size of 36-37 inches

– Measure your band size. If you measure 38 to 40 inches you should select a large.

– Measure your band size. If you measure 41 to 43 inches you should select an extra large.

You need to understand a few things. If your actual bra size is not found in the range of the current system than you may not receive optimal support. It will not properly match your measurements.

But, if your measurement is within the sizing system, then by all means, get one, three, or five: you are also encouraged to buy a larger size if you think conventional sizing is often too small for you. Don’t worry, the material found in the Ahh Bra will contract and expand depending on your bust line’s shape and size, so even if you purchased something bigger, the support would still be there.

A full chart on your ahh bra sizing can be found on our web pages. To learn more about the Ahh Bra, check the links to our webpage right now.

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