Andrea Brazilian Hard Wax: Go Hair-Free for Weeks at a Time

by Alia Jae

If you would like to be hair-free for several weeks at a time, then I know that you will want to try Andrea Brazilian Hard Wax for those special areas! Not to worry; this is a very gentle formula, and they give you really clear instructions in order for you to have the best experience. The wax will grab the hair from the root which is what gives your skin that soft and smooth look.

Some Brazilian waxing kits will cost you quite a bit, but this is the most reasonable one I have seen yet! The original retail price was $9.99 which is good, but if you get this product on you can get this product for only $6.99!

What I really appreciate about this formula is that it was designed for those private parts. They have taken into account that those areas really are more sensitive that the rest of our body and so they have created a formula that will not aggravate our private parts! The professionalism of this product is really as professional as what you would find in a salon, except you get to do this from the comfort of your own home.

Another really great benefit about this product is all you need to make it work is a microwave. It only needs a little bit of time and it is fully heated! Everything that you need is in this kit you don’t need to buy any other products unless you want too. Also, I just love the fact that with this product you don’t need to use those annoying muslin strips that tend to leave residue on your skin.

Here are some simple directions I using this product. You are to heat the wax until it has a creamy consistency and then apply it to your skin. Then within seconds of putting this on your skin it will become pliable. Then all you have to do is pull it off and the hair will come off with it.

I think you will enjoy using this product it is so easy to use!

Take a look at this testimonial from, “This is the first time I’ve used hard wax at home and it was wonderful. I was finally able to wax my own bikini area. I saved so much money and it’s just as good as what I get when I pay $70 a pop.

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