Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed – The Way To Great Skin In 30 Days

Looking younger is the constant goal for many of us ladies – and for many of you men out there. Smooth, glowing, healthy skin looks more attractive and makes us feel great.

Many of us find that as we get older, a little more work and the correct application of anti-aging products are need to give nature and our own natural beauty a little helping hand.

The issue is which products work and which are, to say it simply, a total and complete waste of our money. Without spending 100’s and even 1000’s of dollars on trial and error, how do we know what anti-aging products to use? And let’s face facts, we can just trust cosmetic companies to come clean with us!

What we can and must do is to take a very close look at the ingredients that we are sure are beneficial to the anti-aging process and have a proven, positive influence on our skin care regime. Add to that, and just as importantly, we can and must look at what these products do not contain.

Firstly, any products we put on our skin should be completely free of mineral oils. Mineral oil, which is a petroleum based product, has been in use for many years as a hydrating agent. This sounds like it is good for the skin but it is, in fact, bad for the skin.

Mineral oil actually clogs the skin to keep in water – and as we all know – clogging of the skin is not a good thing as it can lead to acne. Its wide use is for basically one reason – it is extremely cheap to produce. I don’t recommend its use and I don’t recommend any of the cheap products that contain it.

In place of mineral oil we should always use products that a made with naturally occurring skin moisturizers such as jojoba, almond, wheat germ. These don’t clog the skin, letting it breath, and therefore let out all of those nasty free-radical agents.

Also, niacin, the vitamin B complex, have been clinically proven to be an effective moisturizing and anti-aging substance. This actually restores skin cells. Seeing this ingredient, you know the product will have the right effect on your skin.

A PH balanced skin care program is essential. It does not matter what type of skin you have, anything other then a PH balanced program and must be avoided. Your products must also be hypo-allergenic and formulated without the use of dyes and chemical fragrances.

And finally, finding everything in just one product is just not possible. Reducing the effects and signs of aging while keeping your skin in healthy will meed multiple products. One single product that does it all does not exist (don’t we wish that were not true). Use a proven system of skin care with high quality products that complement each other. In this way you will get the skin you want and deserve.

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