Be Careful How You Use Essential Oils

by Alia

There are dangerous ways to use essential oils without even knowing it. Many times just because we think that something is natural that there are no dangers in using it. However, there are dangerous in using essentials oils and I will show you how to avoid these dangers.

The thing about essential oils is that they can really burn your skin. If you choose to put essential oils on your skin you should dilute them first. Essential oils are also absorbed through the skin so to much of this good stuff can actually lead to an overdose. There are more resources for you on this subject at

A basic concept overlooked is that we need to keep essential oils out of the reach of children.

Avoid getting essential oils in your eyes, ears and nose. If you do they will burn like crazy and you will probably never want to use essential oils again. My personal recommendation is that you buy latex gloves when you want to use essential oils and then discard them when you are done.

So as you already know that summer time is coming up and if you are going to spend a lot of time chilling out on the beach then I would avoid using essential oils all together especially if you are fair skinned. If you have fair skin you probably try to avoid getting sun burned anyway. Wearing essential oils in the sun for long periods of time will help you to burn even more.

If you have any medical conditions that you are regularly under doctor’s supervision for then you must be really careful. There are some medications that don’t work well with essential oils and can cause very dangerous interactions. Please check with your doctor if you are on prescribed medication to see if there would be a problem with you using essentials oils. This could be very dangerous so be cautious.

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