Creating Basic and Smoky Eyes

by Alia Jae

Applying eye shadow can be very tricky, not to mention when you get into the more technical stuff like smoky eyes. First though I will discuss the basics and then I will describe to you how to get the smoky eyed look!

Most of this article will focus on getting the basics down. My next article will go deeper into how to get those gorgeous smoky eyes that you have always wanted. The tips I will give you will only take you about five minutes to incorporate.

The first step is to wipe your eyelids with a slightly damp brush and add touch of face powder. This will help to keep your eye shadow from melting. Then choose three shades of the same color.

What I mean by that is you want to choose a light color, a dark color and a color somewhere in between the two. If this your first time experimenting with eye shadow, I would some inexpensive eyeshadow. I recommend going to Target and buying some before going to a makeup counter.

Now begin to apply the lightest shade on the entire lid. Please be gentle when applying. You should apply from the brow to the lash line with a good clean sweep. The medium color is what you are going to apply next.

The intent of the medium tone is to bring out the beautiful color of your eyes. The medium color is to be applied to the lash line above the crease. Then the darkest color should be applied to the closest part of your lashes.

So when applying, take your time and do not rush. Many of times I stabbed my eyes by doing this technique too fast. When you become a pro, then you can do it as fast as you please.

If you want to add some more brightness to your eyes add some gold shadow on the brow bone. This is also known as a highlighter. You can find an inexpensive one at Walmart or Target.

You are free to use powder as long as it matches your skin or a thick pencil. You might try a liquid highlighter and find great success with that. I have not tried it out myself, but don’t let that stop you.

The tendency is that you eyes get this weird creamy when using liquid.The problem is that it makes the shadow application harder. So be careful when trying different techniques. To see more tips go to

However,to counteract some these issues you can stay away from bright colors. Softness is what looks the best. The softer the colors and tones the younger you will look.

One last helpful tip is even when using subtle coloring do not layer on the eye shadow too much. If you layer on the eye shadow too much it will look caked on and tacky. I would say in my own experience that one layer of each color works the best. Enjoy and experiment and find what works best for you!

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