Emjoi Tweeze: Painless, Effective Results

by Alia Jae

For a low $19.99, you can enjoy the great Emjoi Tweeze that will make your tweezing experience supposedly painless! It was designed to remove the smallest and finest of hair. The precision the Emjoi Tweeze uses is quite impressive.

This tool is battery operated with 2 AAA. What you will enjoy most about this tool is that it is not anything like traditional tweezers that tend to irritate your skin. This tool will not cause your skin to become irritated and tender.

It’s great for travel it will pretty much fit anywhere you put it. What I think is really cool is that you can tweeze in any direction and it will work just the same. You can pretty much tweeze anywhere on your body, except your eyebrows.

I love this tool, but here is another testimonial from Sandra Woo about the Emjoi Tweeze, “When I saw it on the commercial, I decided to try it. When I turned it on, it was really loud, and it scared then crap outta me. Once I [kind of] got used to the noise and began using it, it was really painful. And even though the product description in the box said I’d eventually get used to the pain, I never did. But… if you don’t care about pain or noise, the Tweeze really does work. I guess some results come with a price…”

I like this testimonial because she is so real in her testimony. She said it was painful, other say it not painful. For me this treatment is not that painful it stings more than it being painful. I guess it just depends on the person and what your pain threshold is.

Aside from all the cool features this product has I really like the design of it! Something about the way Emjoi designs their products are just really attractive. This particular tweezer only comes in white. It really like a pearl whit and has a narrow slender shape to it. Honestly, it is not as solid as the other Emjoi shaver products and I guess that is because of the price. Some of the other Emjoi Shavers can cost a couple of hundred dollars, while this one is only $19.99. This really works just fine if you are someone who really doesn’t need to have the most expensive shaver.

So, give this one a try and maybe over time you will want to upgrade to another Emjoi shaver that is more on the professional side.

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