Epilady Lady B Bikini Shaping & Trimmer

by Alia jae

Sometimes it’s our most delicate areas that need the most hair removal! I don’t know why we were designed that way, but there has been a product designed to help us deal with unwanted hair in delicate places. The B Bikini Shaping & Trimmer gently deals with those delicate places to remove unwanted hair.

For $19.95 you can enjoy some wonderful features. It is totally safe and gentle to use on your bikini line and it is very hygienic. This tool comes with a guide that shows the various techniques you can employ. Also it gives great descriptions of what pieces come with it and how to use it. It comes in a gorgeous carrying case and has a clean brush. However, you can only use this tool on dry skin. Here is a simple yet happy testimonial from Carey Sands, “Great trimmer! Easy to use, very light, convenient.”

The Epilady may only be $19.95, but it has the look of a trimmer that is so much more expensive. It looks similar to a microphone; It starts out wide at the top and then it narrows down to a point. You really can use this shaver on any part of your body, even the most sensitive areas. Some women even use the Epilady Lady B to get to those places that normally would cause you to go to a salon and get a Brazilian wax! I would not use it for that. Not because it would not work, because it does; it just seems a little dangerous to me.

It is really easy to clean. There is really nowhere for excess hair to hide. So, when you use this tool be sure that you are in a place where it is OK to get hair all over the place. That is probably the only negative thing I can say about this shaver.

Many of the newer more technical shavers can catch the hair while you shave. This one will not catch and thing and that is probably the reason why it is so easy to clean.

In order to use it this tool in a way that does not leave hair all over the place I would just shave over the toilet. Just put your leg up on the toilet seat and shave the hair right into the toilet. When you have completed shaving just flush and then you will not have to worry about sweeping the hair away.

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