GiGi No Bump Treatment: Eliminates Shaving, Waxing Troubles

by Alia Jae

Thank God for bump treatments! I know that every time I wax or shave I get those terrible bumps on my skin that more often than not leave me with scars! How many of you out there can feel me on that one? It is so very annoying.

This is where GiGi No Bump Treatment comes in. It has been created to eliminate problems with ingrown hairs, bumps, razor burns from shaving, waxing and electrolysis! Right after you are done waxing make sure that there is no residue and then apply generously. You can use this cream each and every time you decide to shave. I like that this formula is really gentle on my skin and will not further aggravate my skin.

This is a great choice if you are on a budget. GiGi Bump Treatment is only $5.95. Considering how inexpensive this product is I think it is just great. Sometimes the inexpensive products are just as good as the ones that are more expensive.

Read this testimonial from another happy customer of on this particular product, “I just used this product for the first time tonight! And I have no bumps whatsoever!! I used to get bad razor bumps like almost my whole leg but after using this, my legs look awesome! Ill admit that when I first put it on it stung like crazy and got red but it went away quickly and now I have no bumps!! So I would recommend this product!”

Another product that I highly recommend for men and women is Air Shave Gel. This is wonderful if you have skin problems like psoriasis and severe crusting. This gel is very gentle and soothing to put on after you are done shaving or waxing.

The thing that impressed me most about Air Shave Gel is how soothing it is to the skin. Many of the commercial shave gels will sting you at first or leave you burning. As soon as you put this on you will feel the soothing effects. This 8 oz bottle is $16.00 and will last you up to three months.

Either way you go, whether you use one or the other you will get to experience properly designed products. However, if you have extreme skin conditions then I would really recommend that you try Air Shave Gel. Once you use it the first time you will be hooked for a long time.

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