Return Of Your “Pearly Whites” With Teeth Whitening Systems!

We were first offered a cumbersome teeth whitening system with these huge dental reservoirs that were to be filled with goop one slept with overnight-though the warning was to keep the goop ( ) away from the gumsan interesting endeavor for a sleeping and salivating mouth with teeth surrounded by gums. Inevitably, for most people, the gums were bleached, too, leaving them sensitive, weaker, and more blanched-looking than healthy-looking.

The second teeth whitening system that came into the market seemed even more comical! It involved painting a gel on each and every tooth. The gel could not be painted across–it had to be in an up and down direction only; up for the lower teeth and down for the upper teeth. Since the gel came with a brush and cap, it presented a “White-out Wand” look! After the gel was applied, the individual had to sit still with the mouth open in a grin. The lips had to be kept away from the gel, and so did saliva!

Then the teeth-whitening system using strips was to make the whole process less time consuming, easier, and yielding better results. But the stiff strips didn’t set flush against the whole tooth, and after that easy, breezy procedure, we found patches of new white-looking teeth and patches of grey, stained, or yellowed teeth (untouched areas).

The latest teeth whitening system to hit the market is the Ionic White Teeth Whitening System. This novel system involves painting the teeth with whitening gel, and then standing in front of a blue light with the teeth wide open in a smile! This carries on for five minutes. Additionally, the gel is swished thrice during the same session. The gel being sticky and thick, this is a challenging task indeed! A wash would have been so much easier to swish around! Nevertheless, people seem to be quite happy with this latest novelty!

Oh, these systems are not the only things in existence! There are numerous toothpastes which promise to whiten your teeth whiter than white! As compared to the Smoker’s toothpaste, the Rembrandt Toothpaste is much better, though it is expensive (eight dollars per tube). There is also a Rembrandt Teeth Whitening System, which is quite wonderful! This method is actually known as the tray method. The trays are pliable and have tabs on them. The gel is smeared on these trays and the trays are pushed in and out of the mouth five times. The whole process involves two hours. But the advantage is that the gel is thick and stays put on the trays, without spreading onto the gums or dripping on them. The individual can leave as soon as the treatment is over–not necessary to really stay for the whole two hours. The teeth are rinsed or aired out, as soon as the trays are removed every time.

A dentist refuses to use simple measures to whiten his patient’s teeth; he prefers to use complicated methods involving just a few high-tech seconds instead! But few can afford the price of this cosmetic procedure, and therefore go for over-the-counter solutions. These are low-cost and have to be carried out quarterly or half-yearly. The best part is the cost can be recovered from insurance!

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