Review of Bion Lady Shaver and Cosmetic Groomer Kit

by Alia Jae

The Bion Lady shaver and Cosmetic Groomer is a tool that every woman needs to have! One of the main reasons we all need to have it is because if you buy it from you can get it for a low $12.49! This awesome tool used to retail for $49.95 so you might want to snag yours ASAP.

This is a two in one rechargeable shaver that will work gently to remove all unwanted hair. I like this tool because it is won’t be harsh on your skin or cause you to get rashes. It will leave your skin silky and very soft. The kit also comes with a rechargeable cosmetics groomer.

One of things that I really like about going on, is that many times they will tell you how to use their products so you can know upfront if you really want to buy the product or not.

So, here is how to use the Bion Lady Shaver and Cosmetic Groomer Kit, of course you have to switch it on and then place the trimmer and shaver foil on the skin. Make sure that when you put the shaver on your skin that you do it in a gentle manner. Then move over the skin with very light pressure. This tool works so well that there is no need to put a lot of pressure on it. To get the best results you want to make sure that you shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

This tool is great because it can fit anywhere. You can take it when you travel around. You are able to use it on sensitive spots like your chin, upper lips and cheeks. Another thing that I really like about this shaver is that you can use it if you just want to do touch ups. You can do touch ups on you underarms or on your bikini line. The body of this tool is very elegant and it operates with AAA batteries so it is really convenient to take with you anywhere.

With summertime around the corner this is a great tool to have with you. I love that it takes care of the big jobs, but at the same time you get to use it for little touch up areas. This shaver was made to be used on sensitive spot like your upper lip! Sounds like everything you need in a shaver.

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