Review of Emjoi Optima Dual Opposed Tweezer System

by Alia Jae

I just love Emjoi because their products are amazing and not only are they amazing, but they look amazing! All of their products are designed in such a sleek and cute way! Its something you can leave on your bathroom counter and it will look nice just laying there! Right now you can get this tweezer system for $99.95. I know that might sound like a little much, but the original price was once $149.95.

This tool has two speeds you can use to remove hair and it has two opposed heads that really work to remove hair from the root. Sometimes these tweezer tools are not powerful enough to get it from the root, but this one is! This tweezer is best used on your legs under arms and bikini line.

This tweezer does not come all by itself it also comes with a built in long hair trimmer, a carrying case, sponge and a cleaning brush.

The thing that makes this tool so powerful and so unique is that it was designed with 36 tweezers that work simultaneously to pull out your hair. It pulls it out in a most gentler manner so don’t worry so much about the pain of 36 tweezers tweezing around the same time.

I really don’t know how Emjoi did this, but as the tweezers are tweezing it stretches the skin so that it is easier to pull the hair out. Somehow they get it to work so that it does not pinch the skin because you do have to get pretty close to the skin.

There are other attachments that come with this tool that allow you to get to those sensitive places in order to do touch ups. Since this tool gets so close to your skin it pulls the hair from the root so that it takes longer for the hair to grow back.

The Emjoi tweezer is easy to take apart so that you can thoroughly clean it. Cleaning it is important after each use so that you don’t risk getting old body oils into your pores that next time you use it.

Here is a great testimonial from a customer in love with Emjoi Optima Dual Opposed Tweezer System “I have used other products with little success. One with electric pads to kill the roots, and one with a soft wax that was messy and left a lot of hairs behind; this was easy, and removed even the smallest and finest hairs.

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