Review of SK-II Skin Care

by Alia Jae

This skin care product is growing in popularity more and more. SK-II is currently being endorsed by Kate Blanchette and that is why this company has been getting lot of attention from consumers and from the media. You can find this product in the most expensive high end department stores and like so many other products on the market this is an anti aging cream. Before we all get too excited about this product and all the fanfare it is getting lets take a deeper look into to it to see if we can actually benefit from it.

The product in focus is the SK-II Whiting Source Skin Brightener. This product was created to help diminish age spots and other skin discoloration issues. The thing that kind of bothers me though is that they never disclose what ingredients they use to help brighten up age spots and other problems. In the skin care market I know for this one ingredient called Hydroquinone that helps to lighten skin up, but it has also been proven to cause cancer as well. The manufacturer does allude to the fact that they might be using Vitamin C and E in the formula, but really they are just very vague. Maybe because they are so big and popular now they don’t think it is necessary to disclose such important information. I don’t care that a celebrity is endorsing the product, if I am the one that is going to be buying the product then I need to know what is in it!

Here is a product that is worth spending money on is Joey New York Complexion Color Modifier. What I like about this product is that it works so well and a lot less expensive than the product listed above. This Complexion Color Modifier will only cost you $18.00 if you get it from

There are five formulas that make this product so great. The first one is Porcelain. This formula helps to whiten and brighten your skin in those areas that are dull and discolored. The porcelain formula also will fill in your pores and keep them from irritants that cause skin discoloration.

Anti-Yellow is awesome because it works to get rid of the yellow tone that some fair skin people have. Anti-Red is another formula that works to fill in pores and helps take away redness and refresh skin. The last two formulas are Tan Enhanced and Bronze. Tan is cool if you have a nice tan that you would like to see enhanced. The Bronze formula evens out dark skin and fills in the pores to keep the skin tone even.

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