Toledo Cosmetic Dentists

by Paul Kozy

Toledo Cosmetic Dentist , Paul S. Kozy,DDS, has been a pioneer in the nothwest Ohio area for Cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Kozy was one of the first dentists to use porcelain veneers and Zoom teeth whitening.

His daughter also a dentist, Bridget has been working with Dr. Kozy since July 2007. Dr. Bridget Kozy has studied Cosmetic Dentistry at the well-respected Dental Ceramics Teaching Center. Dr. Paul Kozy has worked with Jean-Marc Etienne of Paris, France who is a world renowned Master Dental Ceramist.

Dr. Kozy states, “Our goals are to transform your teeth so they look beautiful and youthful, yet totally natural. With modern dental ceramic materials and techniques this can be accomplished with great predictability. No longer is dental work recognizable except to a dentist looking with magnifiers. We have even fooled some dentists who can’t believe they are looking at crowns, veneers, or bridges” .

Dr. Paul S. Kozy also recently completed study of Nerumuscular Occlusion at the Center for Dental Excellence. Tim Adams D.D.S. was the presenter of the study course. Dr. Adams is the former clinical director of LVI (Las Vegas Institute). Neromuscular Dentistry is a method of dveloping the dental occlusion or bite by first relaxing the dental muscles of the jaws with a TENS unit. This method has been shown to give relief to patients with headaches, ear pain, and uncomfortable bites.

Dr. Paul Kozy is well known for his work in Cosmetic, Implant,and Reconstructive Dentistry. He practices with his daughter Bridget Kozy, D.D.S. who is an expert in porcelain veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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