What Is Kinetin And Is It Helpful In Anti Aging Creams?

When looking at types of anti-aging creams and anti wrinkle creams, there are various active ingredients that are often used. These are Retinol-based, Hydroxy acid based, Antioxidants, Copper Peptides, Coenzyme Q10, or Kinetin. Anti-aging solutions and anti wrinkle creams work by moisturizing new cell growth, while removing the upper layer of dead, dry skin cells. With Kinetin, it can often be sold in conjunction with an exfoliate or by itself promising that the dead skin cells will come off on their own. New moisturized cells will then begin to emerge.

Kinetin is classified as a “super moisturizer, but that doesn’t mean that it has to find a phone booth each time before it can change into its suit and cape. Kinetin is found in plants and is a plant growth hormone that replenishes a broken or pruned branch with twice the growth it had before. So it is like a super healing compound. Many people use Kinetin instead of the Retinol treatments because there are less side effects associated with Kinetin.

Kinetin is often found in the form of coconut milk or aloe, or other plant products. While Kinetin is thought to be a moisture retention agent located in anti-aging creams and anti wrinkle creams, it’s benefits still remain unproven. Skin treatments that promote hydrating results will always have an effect on dry skin cell making skin appear dry, or aged and lacking glow. Kinetin products will often claim it is best used by people located in tropical type climate. Here, excessive moisturizing is needed, so much so that it may be too much for person not needing that excess moisture.

There is much new technology in anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams, so not many products on the market are promoting the natural plant growth ingredient of Kinetin. Some of the creams that previously used Kinetin are no longer on the market, other than sell out the product in inventory.

There are so many choices available in the world of skin care treatments. Some of the products available have staggering prices but are not necessarily more effective than the cheaper items that are on sale. It is best to do research on the options that might work best for you. Of the anti-aging creams, a lot of them keep the skin hydrated and retaining moisture. This is where Kinetin would fit in, but whether or not the product’s price is competitive with other similar creams and treatments could be the deciding factor.

Kinetin is still a good treatment option that is used in sun over exposure treatments, and is a good choice for anybody wanting a natural chemical treatment, as opposed to stronger chemicals. The fact that it is being phased out of anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams may just indicate that it is not as strong as what is now available, but for some persons, who have more sensitive skin, it may be the option they need.

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