It used to be that wrinkles were just something that happened when we got older. Now it would seem that wrinkles are an unwelcome sign of aging, and something that we want to avoid at all costs. While this doesn’t seem like this is the healthiest frame of mind, as we age and see all of the youth and beauty around us suddenly we long to look younger as well, and we start searching for a solution.

Eventually we all begin to age and those unwanted wrinkles begin to appear. It is usually at this stage that most people start looking for a quick solution. But where do you start? There are so many companies promising to vanish wrinkles with magic creams or needles, or worse. The key is to understand that not every solution works for all individuals.

Probably the most successful way to look younger is to have plastic surgery. Surgeons can tighten the skin to make it look younger and more elastic. This is of course risky because of the use of general anaesthetic, as well as the possibility of infection or other complications. If you must have younger skin though, this will work every time.

Botox is an alternative to plastic surgery. This solution involves the injection of a mild strain of botulism under the skin in several areas where wrinkles are prevalent, such as on the forehead or around the eyes. The solution paralyzes the nerves underneath t he skin which gives the skin a more smoothed appearance. Botox only lasts a few months before it wears off and has to be repeated.

Skin creams also promise results on a smaller budget, but there is always argument as to whether they yield results. Most dermatologists argue that wrinkles are merely a side effect of the skins renewal slowing down, and putting on a cream won’t change that. But there’s no harm in trying. Do you know what the best way is to avoid wrinkles? Eat well, take care of your body, and drink lots of water. This may not sound like a quick solution, but it is the best way to keep your skin clear for as long as possible.

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