Youth and Cosmetic Surgery

by Esther Raab

Facial cosmetic surgery allows a patient to be more satisfied with their outward appearance. While patients seek facial surgery for a variety of reasons, ranging from medical to cosmetic, the end result is the same; facial surgery improves the “face” a patient presents to friends, family, and coworkers. Cosmetic facial surgeries can make patients feel more attractive or youthful and can dramatically boost a patient’s confidence and is becoming increasingly popular.

As we get older, we understand the increasing importance of personal appearance in all aspects of life- settings. It is no surprise that facial plastic surgery has become so widespread. Facial Surgery is no longer limited to aging older women; an increasingly large number of young patients are being seen. And, facial surgery does not mean an entire “new” face, it simply means a slightly enhanced face that “fits” each individual patient and appears completely natural.

While there are many avenues a patient can choose when deciding on a specific facial surgery, the most well known procedures are face/eye/brow lifts and nasal surgery. One of the main reasons a person opts for facial surgery is to achieve a youthful appearance and a lift procedure is the best way to achieve this. In these procedures a patients area of interest is tightened, and wrinkles are reduced. The benefit of these procedures is that they can take years of worry and stress lines away, and are minimally invasive while producing extremely positive results.

Forehead and brow lifts are very similar in that both require only 7-10 days for recovery and are less involved procedures than a face lift. While a facial lift is more intensive because it involves tiny incisions and an actual lifting or removal of excess skin that has become droopy or saggy overtime, all three procedures are done with the same end goal in mind; the patient wants to look younger.

While face and feature lifts are quite popular, doctors still say that nose surgery, commonly known as ‘a nose job’, is their most frequent procedure. This is because this surgery is popular among both young and old patients. While nose surgery can be preformed for medical reasons to improve breathing quality, most nose jobs are done for cosmetic reasons. This procedure can produce a dramatic change in a person?s look even though the change is small and natural. Nose surgery improves the aesthetic of a patient’s entire face and such surgery usually consists of changing the angles of the nose, ridding the patient of a bump or crook, or reducing the size of the nose. Less serious than a facial lift, the procedure generally takes one to two hours and patients are usually able to return to work within two weeks.

Emory Healthcare understands the importance of facial plastic surgery, be it medical or cosmetically driven, and therefore has an entire center dedicated to surgical and non- surgical procedures. The Emory Facial Center is refined and private and puts the needs of its patients first. The staff provides the highest level of care and for those seeking facial surgery the Emory Facial Center is a great option.

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