Creating Your Own Belly Ring and Jewelry

Expressive originality is something creative people thrive on and their jewelry is no exception to this statement. Creating unique jewelry pieces is not hard to do, especially if you have fun while doing it. If you are thinking about creating your own belly ring, your options are nearly unlimited. Plain piercing is easily available online and through your local body piercing parlor. The common and safest metals are gold, silver and titanium, so these are the ones you should buy. You can modify these with anything you want, from beads and feathers to other customer jewelry pieces.

Other design options include dangling pieces, stones, wire, and metallic pieces, as well as plastic pieces can be molded very easily. Visit local hobby shops to get even more ideas for your belly rings. Creating something yourself is a proud moment that you will want to share with everyone.

Once you have made your belly ring, you may be asked by others to make some for them. Turning your hobby into a business is very easy thanks to the internet. Setting up a web site, photographing your belly rings, and creating an order form will not take long at all. You will be able to experiment with different types of jewelry and you will be able to make a profit as well.

Many enjoy the simple pleasures of designing and producing jewelry. Your jewelry designing aspirations don’t need to be limited to just belly rings. You can try different types of piercing jewelry, such as earrings and nose rings. Creating lovely jewelry that appeal to others is not too difficult and all you need are a good dose of originality and imagination.

Even if you decide not to sell your jewelry, you will still have fun creating it and giving pieces away as gifts or for charitable causes. There are many ways to decorate a belly ring that is unique and fun to wear.

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