Cubic Jewelry: Guidelines on Creating and Finding a Shape

Creating your own jewelry can sound like a much more difficult process than it actually is. It will take some work, patience and resolve on your part to get the project through to completion. Now let’s look at some of the steps to creating your own cubic zirconia jewelry.

You have to decide the type of materials you want to use. The stone color(s) you want and the type of metal. Gold or silver metal may be a little more expensive than you want to spend for you first effort at making jewelry. You may want to start off making your first attempts in something cheaper. Get the mistakes out of the way before you progress to the gold, silver or platinum stages. Stainless steel would be a good choice of a material to use on your first attempt to making your own cubic zirconia jewelry.

Start assembling your piece of jewelry. After you have completed your piece of jewelry, take a look at it. You can wear it around with pride in yourself. After this project, you will probably want to do more. Necklace to match, gifts for family and friends, etc. the possibilities are endless.

Designing the shape of your cubic zirconia

Round Brilliant – The round brilliant is the most elegant, classic cut. The stone has been well rounded and highly polished to reflect an abundant percentage of light. Because of the brilliance of the cut of stone, could be reason for the name.

Marquise – The marquise is a long, almost slender cut of stone. It is pointed at both of ends and is slightly rounded in the middle. This cut can be made to be longer or shorter depending on the design of the ring or the preference of the client.

Heart – The heart is a frivolous fun creation. The heart shape stones have been used in many different settings of earrings, necklaces and rings. Recently it has become more popular in rings especially engagement rings.

So when choosing cubic zirconia jewelry, you will have these stones to pick from as well as some unique cuts not mentioned here. Choose jewelry to enhance your style whether it is one of the well known cuts or a unique cut only owned and worn by you.

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