Custom Handcrafted Fantasy Jewelry

by Irene Maseko

It would be a good move for you to consider constructing quality custom jewelry for individual clients if you have a great sense of style and creativity. You will soon be flooded with phone calls asking you to construct special pieces for them or as gifts for others.

The skills you need are quite basic and can be learned quite easily, and if you have the creativity you will it will be easy for you to create custom costume jewelry. You must aim at making your pieces unique so that when your client wears jewelry that you designed and created she knows that there is none other like it in the whole world.

To design something that your clients have in their minds is the hardest part of the job because it may be different from that which you have in yours. Do not risk losing a client by working in their presence and showing them how easy it is to do it themselves. In order to match the design of your custom jewelry to the style of your clients, talk at length with them.

Talk at length with the client because this is the only way that you can design custom jewelry that matches their likes, dislikes, and personality. In order to design a gift piece to be given to another person, you need to ask a lot of questions about the other person and if possible talk to them before you commence any work. Communicating regularly with your customers coupled with the exclusivity of the products are the prime ingredients necessary for the success of this business.

From time to time clients may ask you to make custom jewelry using parts from their own jewelry. Your client may already have a piece that they just want you to renovate. Before you start doing this, make sure that you have the skill and qualifications necessary to do this work because the last thing you want is destroy a client’s beloved jewelry! Make sure that you ask about the history of the piece, and find out what special meaning it holds for your client as well.

Supplies of pieces from wholesale sources will have to be purchased to make your custom jewelry. Making sure you are buying quality parts from unique sources overseas can cause you to spend more – so make sure you quote your client a price that is profitable to you, may people make this mistake. Profit making is the name of the game, so to make sure you make it on your work, so always quote 15 to 30 percent over and above the budget requirements to buy the raw materials for the jewelry. After setting aside your intended profit margin, use the remainder as your budget to buy supplies to make the custom jewelry.

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