Designer Watches By Franck Muller

The genius watchmaker known as the Master of Complications is Franck Muller from Switzerland.

He is known for creating complex and innovative timepieces.

His offerings bring together conventional Swiss styling along with a breath of fresh, modern design.

The Tourbillion timepiece was the first creation of Muller, released to the public in 1984.

Originally used in pocket timepieces, the Tourbillion mechanism helped to compensate for the effects of gravity.

The gravity dilema was overcome by placing the escapement within a rotating frame.

Another Franck Muller creation of note is the Curvex Tonneau, which is readily recognizable on any wrist.

Apart from the Tourbillion and the Curvex Tonneau, collection of watches from Frank Muller include: Long Island, Casablanca, chronograph, Color Dreams, and the Conquistador Cortez King.

Muller is also the force behind the World Premiers collection, introducing new, unique and complex designed timepieces annually.

These watches are well recieved as they are known to possess a feature or technology that is unique to Franck Muller.

Although I am a fan of all Franck Muller watches, my favorite timepiece would be the Crazy Hours model which features a unique watch face that displayes the hours in a manner that is not chronological.

Franck Muller has created many more remarkable models such as: Perpetual Calendar Tourbillion, Grande Sonnerie, Retrogrande second and Power Reserve which is also known for their unrivaled artistry and craftsmanship.

If you are considering purchasing a high-end, fashion timepiece, then you need look no further than those offered by the Master of Complications, Franck Muller.

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