Diamond watches – An ideal gift for the one you love.

Like it happens in many parts of the world, a Spanish woman would usually receive a diamond-studded engagement ring when she accepts a marriage proposal. These are very attractive looking but diamond watches for men and women can also be gifted which are useful too. There are usually some top ranking names of the industry behind the making of such high-demand pieces and jewelers would normally major in the various types of this jewelry.

For example, if you view the creations of famous designer Tacori, you would find a magical combination of traditional and contemporary styles which has made them one of the most sought-after names. Hildago creates pieces that are quite colorful and even quirky, while Christian Bauer (a 130-year-old company) makes diamond jewelry to order and sells its engagement rings only through select retail outlets.

Never be under the notion that any diamond can find its way on to these exclusive pieces since the stones have to be checked and certified for grades of color and clarity and only then selected.

Diamond watches are a kind of jewelry which are liked and used by both men and women. Interestingly, the first wrist watches were nothing but diamond bracelets with a tiny time piece put on it.

The first of its type was seen nearly 430 years ago, as a gift from Earl of Leicester to Queen Elizabeth I which was a tiny clock round in shape and studded with diamonds which was suspended from a wristband. This was probably the first true ladies’ diamond timepiece.

Men, on the other hand wanted to wear pocket watches till WWI in stead of choosing wrist watches which according to them were rather unmanly. After the airplane came into being, it also brought with it the fist wristwatch for men. The reason for this is since there was no fuel gauge in the early aircrafts both hands had to be kept on the controls always. Therefore it was necessary to have a timepiece that (a) allowed the pilot to keep track of his range and how much fuel was left, and (b) did not necessitate the removal of his hands from the controls in order to reach for a pocket watch!

Strangely diamond engagement rings and wrist watches for men both became famous nearly simultaneously. Cartier of France, Citizen from Japan and Movado from Switzerland are the world’s three top diamond watch makers.

When you hear the words ‘runs like a Swiss watch’, remember, the products of the last company is behind this praise. Movado who has a range of nearly 200 clearly defined and characteristic diamond watches, have been in this business for a century now.

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