Feel the luxurious wonder of Blue Topaz Jewelry

Topaz is the birthstone for those who were born in the month of December. I have developed a fascination for topaz after learning that it is my birthstone. Presently I have collected quite a sizable blue topaz jewelry collection. These earrings, which were a gift from my husband, are the apple of my eye. Topaz is inexpensive, although it has a dazzling shine and hue that can rival any other gemstone.

With my unique experiences about blue topaz jewelry, I can tell you some great insights about the stone. With shades ranging from ice blue, to a dark, foggy aquamarine, the birthstone has a wide variety of hues. The blue topaz stones have a beautiful color that are enhanced by the jewelry in my collection. This variety of hues can sometimes be a bit of a problem especially if you want to wear something to match them.

The earrings my husband gave me were set with magnificent, icy and clear topaz. A diamond, with a fine cut, would reflect and capture light the same way. It may prove to be quite challenging matching them with another piece. I attempted to coordinate it with a valuable necklace that has a large jewel nestled within two smaller ones. This blue topaz jewelry has deep and rich tones and is not very clear. Being place by the earrings did not show it to it’s very best potential.

I desperately wanted to wear them together but they just didn’t go together. The first selection was unacceptable, so I searched for more through my blue topaz jewelry collection. A darker color earrings is what I had to choose to match my necklace. It was not easy to do because icy earnings were my personal favorite.

A special eye for matching precious stones in jewelry is important. Jewelry is one such favorite item sought my majority of the people which comes in various designs using variety of costly materials. Still there are certain people who enjoy the various shades and clarity found in blue topaz jewelry although it can be challenging to select the perfect one. If I greatly increase my stock, it would make seemingly impossible obstacles seem smaller.

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