Heard of Promise Rings?

Have you ever wondered why people give each other promise rings? Actually, there are four big reasons promise rings are so popular in mainstream culture.

For instance, did you know that a promise ring is good in cases of pre-engagements? What does this mean usually? It typically means the couple love one another and want to commit but are not ready for a fully-fledged engagement.

Chastity and substance abstinence are reasons parents give their children a promise ring. The child’s promise to his/her parents that they will refrain from sex until marriage and stay away from social pressures of drinking, doing drugs and smoking.

The third reason a promise ring is given is in cases of monogamy. Whereas, a couple decides not to get married and chooses to stay away from pre-engagement symbolisms, a promise ring can symbolize a couple’s commitment to one another.

If you want to signify a lasting friendship, promise rings are the way to go. Promise rings between friends remind them that they always have someone to lean on in hard times.

So which finger should a promise ring go on? Well, for matters of the heart either the left or right ring finger will do for pre-engagements and monogamy. If the ring is to symbolize abstinence, the left ring finger should be where it goes. Eventually, this is to come off and be placed with an engagement and/or wedding ring. For cases of substance abstinence, any finger will do. However, left ring finger is preferable. If a friendship promise ring is being given, then any fingers, thumbs too, are fine.

Can a man wear a promise ring? Though not traditionally done, men can and do wear promise rings. All a man should get is a simple band for his promise ring. And the couple can also wear matching promise rings.

Should a promise ring be given, it’s vital that whatever it is to symbolize be spoken. Never let someone assume that the promise ring means more than what it may actually mean.

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