Murano Glass Jewelry – The Finest Glass Jewelry in the World

Murano is Small Island in Italy. It is located 1 mile north of Venice. What makes this island famous is its contribution in making crafted glass, jewellery and glass beads. Murano glass-masters have mastered the art of crafting crystalline glass, enameled glass, glass with threads of gold, multicolored glass, milk glass and imitation gemstones.

Murano is famous for its craftsmanship especially in glass. The glass is made of silica which is liquefied first and then changed into required shape. The glasses are then colored as per requirement. At times gold engraving or enamel painting may also done to enhance the look of the glass. Sommerso (means sunken glass) is a form of artistic Murano glass that has layers of contrasting colors and is usually used when making vases or sculptor.

Venetian glass gets its name from Venice where it was originally developed in thirteenth century. The glass was primarily manufactured in Murano. Today the art of Venetian glass making is not limited to Venice but has spread to other European cities as well. Venetian glass like Murano glass is made from silica which is liquefied first and then converted to required shape and size. Gold, Aquamarine, Silver, Ruby Red are some of the popular colors that are then added to make it look more attractive.

Murano Glass Beads is another craft which Murano is famous for. A Murano glass-master can employ different methods to manufacture glass beads. The manufacture of these beads is a very careful and a delicate process. Murano bead-making begins with the production of color canes and then color is added with great precision. Seed beads (Conterie), Chevron beads (Rosetta), Lace Beads (Millefiori) and Blown Beads (Venetian Blown Beads) are all examples of Murano Glass Beards.

If you see glass work with dazzling colors and unbelievable lightness, delicacy and intricate workmanship it is bound to be Italian Glass. Italian Glass is manufactured in Murano for more than 700 years. This form of craftsmanship, like any other form of art, was considered to be extremely old fashioned up till the seventies. Later as the craft evolved the patterns and designs were modernized. This led to renewed interest of people in this form of craft.

A workmanship on Glass Jewelry crafted at Murano is mesmerizing. The pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and necklace are all stunningly beautiful. The right mix of color and style makes the jewelry look very classy. The jewelry is designed by mixing Sterling silver, Oxidized silver, 14 carat gold, cultured pearls, cubic zirconia and other precious gems either individually or in combinations.

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